Quietpubs: The Manx

The Manx

Ottawa, Canada

370 Elgin St.

Apparently the best pub in Ottawa, the Manx is indeed by all accounts a quiet pub. No TV (which truly is amazing by Canadian standards, a country where it is normal to install 2 flat screens within 1 meter of each other to show non-stop curling) and quiet music, it was everything we needed after a hectic week in Canada. But somehow it wasn't the real deal. It was Easter Bank holiday Monday, everybody should have been having a nice comedown after-session session, with pints flowing and banter a plenty. But it was actually TOO quiet. People were whispering! Men were eating salad!! A cello player came in at 6pm and struck up some classic tunage!!! It has certainly redefined how we look at quiet-but-not-that quiet pubs.

Suggested by Ap on Friday, April 20, 2007

Agreed, although Canada is a country. Banter classes should be taught here in Ottawa for all, I'll pay.

Comment from Vinney on Friday, April 20, 2007

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