Quietpubs: Stag's Head

Stag's Head

Dublin, Ireland

1 Dame Court

The grand old lady of Dublin drinking establishments, the Stag's Head is like a second home for the Quietpubs team. It has all the right stuff (tm) to make it a classic quiet pub.
* Dark (Check)
* Delicious Pinty Smell (Check)
* No TV (Check, well upstairs at least)
* No Piped Music (Check)
* Barmen that know what they're doing (Check)

In fact it's just about the perfect pub and we recommend you go there right now, take the left hand entrance door, pass the bar and get one of those corner sofas in the back room. Order pint of Guinness. Wait 3 minutes. Unfold Irish Times. Go "Aaaah". Feel at one with the world.

Suggested by Ap on Friday, April 20, 2007

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