Quietpubs: Grogan's


Dublin, Ireland

15 South William Street
Web: http://www.groganspub.ie/
Email: info@groganspub.ie

Why did this take so long?? Boo hiss to Quietpubs.com. The urdaddy of city center quiet pubs, Grogan's (aka Castle Lounge) is a paragon of all things quiet & pubby. You won't get a Caipirinha in here, you won't get a ginger won-ton Californian sushi fusion platter, you won't get any half naked 18 year olds drinking fat frogs and dancing on the tables (Hmm...).

You will however get: a fabulous pint of plain, a comfy chair, something to stare at on the walls and a fandabbydozy toastie to keep your energy levels up. One of the most mixed crowds you will get in Dublin - ranging from Old boozers to Trinity philosophy students with a sprinkling of Journalists & even an odd dude with a tie. Certainly one of the easiest places to get into a conversation in Dublin and the conversation is thank the lords likely not to revolve around house prices or the M50...


Suggested by Ap on Monday, March 19, 2007

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