Quietpubs: Kehoe's


Dublin, Ireland

9 South Anne's Street

Now, you may have asked how we define a "Quiet Pub". We don't know, it's all relative really... So if one took Kehoe's on a Friday night I think the adverb adjective "Quiet" might be quite misleading, but we protest to differ. The clientèle, the bar staff, the proper pints, the wood, the stained carpets, it has quiet pub written all over it.

So if you want a quiet quiet pub, then best avoided of a weekend evening, but at any other time it's grrrreat.

Suggested by Ap on Friday, January 05, 2007

Would be hard to find a better place to read the paper and have a quiet pint early in the day than at Kehoe's. Great Snug. Like going back in time.

Comment from Cliff on Tuesday, February 27, 2007

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