Quietpubs: McDaidsMcDaids


Dublin, Ireland

Harry Street

It was good enough for Behan to write books in, so is it good enough to have a chat in these days?

Well after a tiring day watching Kilkenny kick Cork's arse at Hurling we decided to go upmarket and check out McDaids after a long (at least 3 months) absence.

Initial signs are good. Lots of books, papers lying aimless round the place. Second appraisal reveals a giant TV over the door but thankfully it was off. Instead Ol' Blue Eyes was belting out (well crooning out) Fly me to the moon at such a perfect level that it nearly brought a tear to our eyes.

We had an excellent time, the two bar men were great, taking orders from sozzled Corkmen with great patience and humour. In fact the only thing to disturb is the CCTV monitor that hangs over then end of the bar, but after such a good time we'll let them off.

All in all, a great place with a great tradition. Let's hope they only use the TV in times of great importance...

Suggested by Ap on Monday, September 04, 2006

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