Quietpubs: Thomas's of York

Thomas's of York

York, United Kingdom

3 Museum Street
Web: http://thomasofyorkpub.wix.com/thomas-of-york-

This is a superb pub, but is definitely not quiet on a Friday and Saturday night. Given its location, it is a very popular place to drink in York on the two big nights of the week and can often have a DJ, but during the day and weekday evenings its lovely and quiet, with plenty of seating. There are a few different areas to the pub, so its often easy to sit somewhere out of sight or out of earshot of other people. They do sometimes have music playing in the background, but this is at a very reasonable level, to the point where you can easily block it out if reading. There's a great selection of ales to suit every palette and the food is absolutely brilliant (try the pies!). This is the best place to go for proper British pub food in York.

Suggested by Andy on Monday, April 13, 2015

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