Quietpubs: The Palace Bar

The Palace Bar

Dublin, Ireland

21 Fleet Street
Tel: +353 (01) 677 9290

Just on the cusp of Temple Bar, the Palace is far enough away from the Maddening crowd so that it is not stag-do-ilicous of an evening.

A little on the small side its a firm a favourite of the Irish Times crew. It is a good place to read the paper (you might get a freebie if you scrounge around the bar for long enough).

Conversation is always good and thanks to the obvious lack of TV or music it is possible to conduct one at less then 100 dB.

The Beamish is legendary.

Suggested by MWalker on Thursday, August 24, 2006

A lovely pub. But these days it has 2 big televisions in it. They aren't on all the time, but it seems if there is a big soccer, rugby or GAA game on it will be blearing away.

Comment from Gavin on Monday, September 04, 2006

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