Quietpubs: Hibrido


Bogota, Colombia

Avenida Jimenez #3-81

A classic on the edge of the Candelaria area. Split over two levels, the downstairs doesn't look like much, but head upstairs into a whole new world of comfort. Decorated like your dear old departed aunt Martha's sitting room, Hibisco reeks of old world charm mixed with eclectic touches. Sofas galore which you are positively encouraged to properly lounge upon. Tables & chairs of all shapes and sizes and more nooks & crannies to hide out in then you could shake a spider at. Added to this the waiters are dressed in white shirts and boe ties and there is a raging fire in the middle of the room. Good mix of students and workers and a couple of tourists. Oh and the beers are cheap too ;)

Suggested by Andrew on Monday, September 07, 2009

very much so. Jorge (I hope he still owns the place) is a good host as well and wants everyone to have a pleasant, quiet time in Bogota and especially his business. I cannot recommend this Hibrido enough.

Comment from Erik on Wednesday, November 02, 2011

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