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Dislike having to listen to Bieber at 150 dB when trying to read the paper?
Find it offputting having a widescreen TV showing camel racing from Dubai when all you want is a nice pint?
Get annoyed trying to have a chat when 4 TVs repeatedly blare the same story on the 24 hour news channel?

Well this is the place for you - we're building a definitive list of quiet pubs which don't have a DJ, nor a big-as-your house TV and certainly don't play dance music on a Sunday afternoon.

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Quietpubs in Dublin

Dublin is where the quiet pub was born. Home to pubs where reading the paper and slowly drinking a velvety Guinness is as close to nirvana as you are going to get.

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Quietpubs in London

London has some fine quiet ale houses and pubs. There are little gems hidden in the city as well as some fine local establishments in hipster drenched Shoreditch.

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Quietpubs elsewhere

We've been travelling the world discovering quiet watering holes in far flung locations. There are quiet pubs in Quito, blissful bars in Bogota and fantastic shebeens in Frankfurt

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